LIFE PLANNER presents you the opportunity to learn GERMAN language, which is one of the most influencing languages in the World.
Knowledge of GERMAN increases your job opportunities with foreign companies in your own country and abroad.
Proficiency in GERMAN helps you to function productively for an employer with global business connections.
GERMAN is the second most commonly used scientific language.
GERMAN is the most widely spoken language in Europe.
Speaking GERMAN will allow you to communicate with over 100 million individuals worldwide.
Developments in media, information and communication technology require multilingual communicators.
Knowledge of GERMAN therefore offers you extended access to information.
Learning GERMAN provides you with an insight into the way of life, and the hopes and dreams of people in German speaking countries, broadening your horizon.

We LIFE PLANNERS provide you:

    • level basis training for professionals on their demand
    • whole level basis training for students who are pursuing Plus One, Plus Two or Bachelors which can lead them to FREE EDUCATION in GERMANY
    • Special session training for Plus One, Plus Two students who have taken GERMAN as second language


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