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welcomeEducation is the key factor which decides the life and future of a person. ‘What a person to be’, is mostly decided by his educational background and the area of his/her studies. To withdraw the steps after a person entered in a phase of life, is quite difficult and is not that worth. Hence, a thorough planning is needed before you decide your area and destination of studies. Here the role ‘Life Planner’ comes up.

Life Planner is not just an educational consultancy but a partner too for you to think deeply about your future. We analyze your taste, caliber and potentiality, then to interpret the best and suitable program for you in the best institution/university, in the best destination.

We, Life Planners, were engaged in the service of overseas and domestic education in agency mode, with mediator since 2012. Now in 2015, we formed as a Private Limited Company called “Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Private Limited” and incorporated to the Government of India. We have no mediators now and we offer our students best services by connecting them directly to the universities. We are now the trusted promoters to a wide range of World’s better ranking universities and institutions globally.

The dynamic staffs of our company, who work really as Life Planners, are always there to render you the best services. The team is always on searches and is updated of the changes made by universities and the changes of rules in immigrations. Team Life Planners ensures the accuracy of your application and all other processes in order to achieve your dream.

In addition, we run a language school successfully which includes the training of German, French languages, which are the most influenced languages after English, in EU and all over the world. This will definitely help the students to cope and sustain with extremely new atmosphere, culture and life style in the country he/she reached. This will let them to find out a part time job too easily.

Overseas education is a complex and confusing process regardless of whether you are looking for a masters, bachelors or diploma course. The process is highly competitive and requires high commitment and vigil on your part while choosing an overseas education facilitator. Please breeze through to know why we are the best if you are looking for a credible overseas education facilitator.

3 years of successful track record
A huge number of success stories
Professional & Certified team with first-hand experience lead by international education/ immigration experts
Authorized representative of 200+ universities/ colleges of the world
Frequent delegate visits of foreign universities arranged for spot admissions and offers.
Branches/Associate offices worldwide, managed by internationally trained professionals
Associate of leading banks for education loans
Authorized to host Scholarships/language tests of foreign universities

Through research, surveys, and client interaction, Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. has a strong understanding of today’s student. We are solution-centered, providing our clients with the creativity, counsel and information they need to achieve their marketing objectives. We work proactively: listening to our market and responding by educating our staff and developing appropriate services for our clients. As a result, we help our clients identify, communicate and keep their brand promise. A partnership with Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. allows colleges and universities to leverage their years of experience, cutting-edge products, and top-notch service tailored to serve the needs of students.
Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of student recruitment solutions in India. We believe that effective marketing of higher education institutions as a whole must be forward facing, and therefore we centre our services on the recruitment of students. Our services extend from strategic marketing advice to sending out mass mailings in India.
Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. assists you to recruit students from India and supports throughout the whole student recruitment process – from consultation concerning your student recruitment strategies to authentic execution of the planned marketing activities. We also show you how effective to reach prospective Indian students.
We have been successful in assisting foreign universities and colleges in achieving their target of Indian students. Our activities are tailor-made to meet your individual needs with regard to your student recruitment targets in India.
With the multi-million student strength, India is one among the largest student markets in Asia, the number will be surging with the recent innovations in its’ educational sector. Eventually India will turn out as the most attractive nation to get students recruited.
What we offer for you?
Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Pvt. Ltd is not just another educational consultancy but also a trusted organization for education marketing and employer branding. With quite an amiable approach we provide expert service to promote your institution.
We provide customized solutions to your institution as per your unique needs. As an integrated service provider, covering from strategy consulting to entire process of student recruitment, we work on a high priority basis for marketing your institution.
There is an increasingly large and growing number of staff plugged into the company’s vision; and enjoying it immensely. All of this amounts to unrivalled resources available for students seeking admissions all over the world.
Global boundaries are disappearing rapidly. The world is emerging as one big community driven by open market economies and fully convertible currencies. Easy access to internet, increased foreign travel and heightened global awareness has opened up huge opportunities for Indian students. However, the information overload and opportunity explosion is such that it frequently leads to more confusion than comprehension. Very often students and parents develop preconceived notions about ‘popular’ courses, ‘rated’ institutions and ‘conventional’ subjects of study, without a thought to their potential, profile, financial implications, knowledge base, basic skill-sets and career prospects. Consequently, it spells doom for them when they find themselves in countries, institutions or courses that do not deliver what they wanted. Studying abroad is not merely about filling in application forms and sending them to universities one has heard of. It is a complex process involving an array of questions, issues and formalities that need to be looked into, completed and followed through. Life Planner Studies & Opportunities Pvt. Ltd. also have a wide range of services that make your application process simple, easy and hassle free. We are constantly adding new services to our profile to make your experience more fulfilling. Our other services include:

Choosing the right career from multiple streams, many options & directions is perhaps one of the biggest challenges before most students today. We have to be realistic about the overall interest and capability within ourselves. In order to help you plan and plot your career, it is essential that we understand not only your interest but also your aptitude, abilities and personality. We conduct these tests to help us know you better as well as for you to realize where your potential lies. The results of these tests are not a benchmark but an indicative which gives us a scientific base to start our counseling process. We conduct psychometric tests for both students under the age of 18 years as well as adults. These are standard tests, free from biases and have been scientifically proven to be reliable & valid. The tests consist of multiple choice questions and are administered under exam conditions. They are strictly timed. We use a multi-dimensional assessment of personality; comprehensive interest schedule; and a battery of differential abilities which helps assess verbal, numerical, spatial, closure, clerical, reasoning, mechanical and psycho-motor abilities of the child. The tests for above 18 years include a Personality based test which helps us to know a persona of a person: we have dimensions like leadership, innovative, mental ability, morality, tension and so on which will help us to know ourselves better and work on our strengths and weakness. Together the results help the counselors to do individualized career pathway planning.


We guide students through a maze of questions to find solutions best suited to their profile and or constraints, ensuring that the best Career Pathway is selected. We look at their career choices and then their background and aspiration levels and advice on core issues.


Personal guidance to help students choose courses that match their Career and Personal Goals.


Assistance to zero onto those universities that would best suit a student’s Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Constraints. The advice provided is non-commercial and is not limited to the Universities represented by us.


Life Planners will give you valuable advice on the accommodation types’ to suit your needs and budget and help you with all related formalities.


We also send our own recommendations, highlighting a student’s strengths and reasons why they should be granted admission. The University admission tutors consider these recommendations in their decision making.


Many universities offer scholarships of varying amounts. These can be department specific or general. There are also other organizations that provide funding. We assess your eligibility and keep an eye out for application deadlines.


Our competent Life Planners assists students with the Visa applications, provide guidelines for financial statements and help them prepare the file to meet the requirements of various High Commissions to ensure 100% Visa success.


We provide in-house language classes for students interested in taking the IELTS, GERMAN, FRENCH & ENGLISH classes and conduct exams at our “Foreign Language Academy”, a division of Life Planner Studies & Opportunities (P) Ltd.


Apart from a range of services on offer to the corporate world and the general market, we offer students assistance with scholarship applications; arrange student loans, mobile services, insurance, credit cards, student discount cards, foreign exchange and so on. Quality institutions including Thomas Cook, UAE Exchange, and all nationalized banks have also joined hands with “Life Planner” to provide their services from within Company’s Branch network throughout India.


Training for settling into the new host country. The Pre- Departures are hosted by “Life Planner” for each country and are well attended. This also provides an opportunity to meet other students (and their parents) who are heading abroad and possibly to the same university/Institute


“Life Planner” sends students the world over. You could be a Life Planner’s Alumni in the making! Our student network helps you interact and network no matter where in the world you are. There is a Life Planner student everywhere! We first help you narrow down course and university and leave you to ask around and make an informed decision. Life Planner Alumni are a good source for you to find out their experiences and challenges while at university! In the next year we hope to build are Alumni network and hold get togethers in different parts of the country, so that our services can help you beyond university. We look forward to you joining our family! Send in your mails at info.thelifeplanner@gmail.com